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Painting Holiday France 2024 

From 15th to 22nd May I will be running an oil painting holiday in the south of France at La Roane near Toulouse.

This will be my fourth drawing & painting course at La Roane and will focus on oil painting in the open air, directly from life. This year we will be exploring several techniques for painting in the field and taking direct inspiration from selected Post Impressionist artists.

La Roane has wonderful natural surroundings and views which we will use as our subject matter for the course. Some materials are provided along with easels and canvas for each person. Our hosts at La Roane offer airport transfers, full catering with wonderful food and many extras such as visits to local towns and beauty spots.


Everyone is welcome to attend whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience.


La Roane arranges all bookings, airport transfers and other details - to book please visit their website at:



In previous years the courses and locations were hugely enjoyed by everyone. We had sunny, warm weather, allowing us to work out of doors for the duration of the course. Everyone created many beautiful drawings and paintings. The catering, accommodation and support from the very friendly hosts was fantastic with excursions in the landscape and the beautiful towns nearby. 



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